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Children’s author of the Magic Bag series 

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Rosie Series (4 Books)

The Secret Life of the Magic Bag

The Secret Life of the Magic Bag is an enchanting tale that will transport young readers back in time to 1736 and not only fill their minds with fantasy, but also a love for beautiful vocabulary and old-world charm.

Set in the dusty streets and alleys of old London, the story follows Mary’s adventures after a magic bag attaches itself to her. Little does Mary know that the Magic Bag really is Cerridwyn, the goddess of inspiration.

Rosie's Garden (Book 1)

Meet the cutest Maltese Poodle puppy – and her name is Rosie. In this first book of the series, she explores her green patch of happiness, which is her garden, with her brother Sam. She meets the birds who are exciting characters for her. In the series, she meets lots of exciting friends and has many adventures along the way. Please watch out for the next adventure in the series – “Rosie’s Party”.

Rosie's Party (BOOK 2)

Meet the cutest Maltese Poodle puppy – her name is Rosie. In this book, we meet her friends, Jazmine, Bella, Mischa and Beauty who are all invited to join Rosie and her brother Sam for a party. Please watch out for the next exciting adventure in the series “Rosie Goes To The Park”.

Rosie Goes to The Park (Book 3)

Meet the cutest Maltese Poodle puppy – her name is Rosie. In this third book of the series, Rosie goes to the park with her brother Sam in the car with Mom & Dad, where there are lots of other puppies. Enjoy the next adventure in the series – “Rosie’s Obstacle Course”.

Rosie's Obstacle Course (Book 4)

Meet the cutest Maltese Poodle puppy – her name is Rosie. In this fourth book of the series, Rosie’s Mom decides that she needs exercise. In this exciting adventure, Rosie meets two more friends who take part in a fun obstacle race in the park. Watch out for the next exciting installment in this series.


What the readers say?

“Best book your children could read. Positive, adventure, and inspiring.”

Rob Bray

“Fabulous. Exciting. The next Harry Potter”

Colin F

“The fantasy is fun and children will be struck with both illustrations and story.”

Vicki Goodwin

About Colleen Clifford

Did writing come as a natural gift? Yes I think it did.

I was always a creative thinker and the Magic Bag was just a pure adventure for my mind. I was bored. I sat down one afternoon and started writing. No skill. No thinking. Just wrote. I finished this little story in 3 weeks and then proceeded to take another seven years to edit, proof read and get it illustrated. The power of persistence. I realised after I received my Fine Art Degree that that’s what I had learned. Perseverance. Because, it matters not how talented you are with words you have to have a certain diligence to write. Its hard work. People read your ‘brilliance’ and correct it vigorously. Many times I wonder how many tomes there are in these diligent critics. No matter. I have done it and I have the proof of my diligence.

So, whether this journey is short or long, I shall endeavour to have fun. As luck would have it I’m too old to care if it’s long or short. I will practice my craft daily to honour my publishers, my editors and my illustrators. For they believed in me.  And that’s a rare commodity in this modern jungle.

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